Board Members

Prominent Chicago lawyer who has represented publishing businesses, broadcasting networks, and film industry professionals in New York, Hollywood, and the Windy City. His relationship with the agency spans over two decades.

Martin Hauselman

Editor emeritus, renowned publisher and writer, keeper of the flame.

Robert Wyatt

Artist, curator, designer, literature theatre, music and film connoisseur. First reader for genius writers. Major supporter of our clients and their projects.

Isabel Lark

Entrepreneur, small business expert, completing Master’s at Harvard, memoir in progress.

Melisa Kulauzovic

Technical advisor for the agency for over ten years.

Jonathan Hu

Advisor, supporter, navigator through deep waters, over three decades championing our small business with strategy and management consultation.

Rona Troderman King

In-house support and security. Go-to expert for the solution to everything.

Scott Whitney

Linguist, opera critic, baker, major contributor and supporter of agency.

Stefan Hoefler

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