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Carolyn Jenks

Founder & Director

Carolyn Jenks’ professional career began at age twelve in Chicago as an actress in film, television, radio and theatre. She studied acting with Flovia Drazy of the Moscow Art Theatre and voice with Titto Ruffo from the LaScala Opera in Milan. She earned a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with a double major in Comparative Literature and Speech/Theatre.


While an unemployed actress in New York City, a chance introduction to publisher Ian Ballantine led to a second career in publishing, with a focus on subsidiary rights, and eventually the combining of her passions for books, theatre, film, and art into the establishment of her literary agency.  Her personal journey created the activist within and the tumultuous events of the late sixties and seventies found her participating in civil rights and anti-war activities.


As an aftermath of witnessing suffering up close, she returned to school and earned two graduate degrees: one in Theology from Emmanuel College in Boston, and the other in Social Work from the University of Connecticut. She practiced as a licensed therapist with a Diplomate in Clinical Social Work until resurrecting her agency in the 1990s in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where it continues to this day.


Carolyn represents outstanding fiction and non-fiction across all genres. She is looking for stories that have that X factor.


To submit to Carolyn, please contact her at with "Query: Your Manuscript Title" as the subject line. Please include a brief pitch of your manuscript and a short author's bio, both no more than a paragraph. Include the first 10 pages of your manuscript in the body of the email, below your pitch and bio.


Carolyn will only respond to queries she’s interested in pursuing further.

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