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Mari Anderson


Mari Anderson sailed with her husband to a remote Bahamian island to build a house and a new life in the 1990’s. Out of that experience came Plunge: Midlife with Snorkel, their award-winning travel memoir

During the past two decades, they have returned to the U.S. for six months each year to rehab a hundred-year-old farmhouse on Washington Island, WI. Eventually, the temptation of living by both an ocean and a Great Lake proved too much to resist, and Mari was lured into becoming an open-water swimmer. In 2016, she successfully traversed the four-mile passage between the northern tip of the Door County, WI, peninsula and Washington Island known as Death’s Door.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, when not writing (or swimming), Mari, a former advertising exec works with authors to design, edit and format books for independent publication.


Holding a Book
Holding a Book
Holding a Book

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