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Alina Vega


Alina Vega writes atmospheric and action-packed speculative queer stories for the page and screen. When their head’s not off in some faraway forest, they can be found doing freelance illustration and directorial work, rolling initiative, attempting (in vain, so far) to romance the moon, and racking up fines at the Brooklyn Public Library.

Alina procured a BFA from Pace University in the inaugural year of the Acting for Film, Television, Voiceover, and Commercials program (with a minor in Creative Writing, because one can simply never be too busy). They have a spectacular sense of both direction and style, a deep desire to write for the kids who don’t often see themselves represented in media, and a penchant for irreverent, poetic language. They were stricken to learn that owning a hedgehog is illegal in all five boroughs of NYC. They can be found at and on social media @alinalasvegas.


Holding a Book
Holding a Book
Holding a Book

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