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Anne Echols


Anne Echols specializes in historical fiction. Her novel A Tale of Two Maidens (Bagwyn Books, 2016) tells the adventurous story of Felise, an apprentice scribe whose path crosses Joan of Arc’s. Anne has also co-authored Between Pit and Pedestal: Women in the Middle Ages and An Annotated Index of Medieval Women (Marcus Weiner Publisher, 1994). Anne is passionate about delving into her characters to explore their quest for freedom and humanity at a very restrictive time period, especially for women.

Like several of her main characters, Anne enjoys adventures. Not sky diving kinds of adventures but traveling to new places and exploring unfamiliar cultures through research, visual art, theater, film and music. In her spare time, she likes to curl up with a good book or go on hikes, especially waterfall hikes in North Georgia. Anne and her husband are both foodies, who enjoy taking advantage of the Atlanta dining scene and cooking at home. When it’s time to write, she is often working out of a reclaimed shed in her garden.


By Anne

Holding a Book
Holding a Book
Holding a Book

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