15575006_39e3_1024x2000After three years subcontracting foreign rights for the William Morris agency as an agent with Kurt Hellmer Agency in New York, the Carolyn Jenks Agency was established located at the Overseas Press Club, NYC.  Among its clients in the 1970’s were George Malko, Tom Sankey, Rochelle Owens, Murray Mednick, Maria Piers, Mary Batten, David Scott Milton, and playwrights from the New Underground Theatre. Subsidiary rights for Quadrangle Books of Chicago handled by the agency included European authors Hugo Portisch, Rolf Hochuth, Maria Piers, and U. of Chicago academicians. By the 1980’s recording artists and television writers were in the agency stable bringing deals with major record labels and network TV.

Today the agency offices in New York and Boston have been consolidated and are located in Cambridge, MA.  The stable consists of an outstanding line up of talented novelists, filmmakers, dramatists for theatre, film, and television.

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